Friday, March 4, 2016

Renegade Craft Fair: Seattle

The Renegade Craft Fair in Seattle last December filled me with optimism. This type of high end maker show (especially at this scale) only happens a few select cities that are a magnet for a craft show of what I call "upscale small batch creativity."  

The products for sale range from organic tea blends, printing press stationary, and handmade candles to leather accessories and the like. My overall impression was that these are the type of items I see spotlighted in the Gift Guides of Martha Stewart, Real Simple and Oprah.  

Simple lines and soft colors, with a nod to the natural or well made. This is not kitch, those some have an irreverent feel. I felt right at home and hope that when I finally settle into a house, I can participate in this show with my ANA cigar box purses.
For now, I am just a customer and I found wonderful Christmas gifts. My favorites were screen print linen dishtowels printed with pine cones and whimsical thick paper dollhouse. Never fear, I'll connect you to the brands when I locate my stash of business cards.
My high end lunch was a rich and hearty shrimp and grits from the food truck, Kiss My Grits! It was not too spicy and full of flavor. The grits were creamy and soaked up the flavor of the mushrooms, bacon and onions. I couldn't believe that I could eat this well on a chilly day outside of Hanger 30.

The Renegade Craft Fair comes to Seattle in the winter and summer, loaded with hand crafted wares and loads of style. See you there!

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