Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hydrangea Heaven: How Can There Be So Many?

All I can say is that I didn't know what I was missing! If you said hydrangea to me before last week, I'd say Nikko Blue or maybe Endless Summer, that's it. I went on a little walk in my friend's parents' garden and they opened my eyes.
A lifelong passion for plants and gardening has led to a private oasis for plants and gardeners alike. Wouldn't you like to grow in this setting? I know that it would be good for my imagination.
On this visit I concentrated on photography so I can't give you specifics on each photograph but this dear gardener offered me cuttings (and help identifying) next year when I have my own piece of land for a garden in Washington. Isn't that exciting!
I love that this bloom (above) looks like each petal is made of porcelain. Tiny delicate cups that look hand painted. I'm sold.
Think of the flower arrangements I could make with this beauty! Be still my heart.
This variety has a double layer of pointed petals in a deep blue. I wish I could have seen this one open completely.
I will never look at a puff of blue hydrangea the same way again. While I love the classics, I am being wooed by these new varieties.

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