Thursday, July 7, 2016

Portland: Pendleton Woolen Mill Store is Exciting for Makers

We had the 4th of July weekend stretching out before us and our families were thousands of miles away. On Saturday morning, Dan asked if I'd like to take the 3.5 hour drive to Portland, Oregon for an overnight trip.

"Can we find the Pendleton Mill Store and get wool scraps?" When he answered yes, I started packing. I used the patriotic approach and packed pants, t-shirts and sweaters all in red, white and blue, figuring that I would match somehow. We were on the road by 10 am, looking for fun. 

A Facebook post stating "An impromptu trip to Portland! First stop, Pendleton Woolen Mill" ened up planning the rest of our trip. One friend Shannon in Seattle invited us to stop and see her at her parents' house to tour their large garden in bloom. My friend Souri in Michigan encouraged us to eat at her family's Thai restaurant in Portland and finally my friend, Marilyn in Tennessee insisted we set aside time to visit the Rose Test Garden that Portland is famous for. Our trip
was planned!
This was what inspired me to get in the car. Wool scraps! My mom said, 'Really?" when I showed her this photo, but I think I can do great things with what I found here. Pendleton makes beautiful wool blankets, clothing and accessories. 

You might remember when I told you about the Native American-inspired Print towels by Pendleton that my mom was collecting. They have stores across the country, but it is the Woolen Mill Store (8550 SE McLoughlin Blvd.that sells Pendleton fabric by the yard, remnants and wool ends.
The store is huge and offers endless inspiration for artists and makers, as well as Pendleton enthusiasts in general. I spent ages choosing the strips of wool that I wanted to experiment with and I can't wait to get started. I promise to show you what I create.

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