Saturday, July 16, 2016

Portland: Khao San PDX: Eat and Repeat

I have Facebook and Khao San PDX to thank for this awesome evening in Portland. When Dan and I set off on our impromptu trip to Portland, I announced it on my personal Facebook page. Within minutes, our friend Souri from Michigan, wrote a comment insisting that we find her cousin's Thai restaurant. I am so glad she did!

We arrived at Khao San around 8:30 and found Souri's cousin, Bud. He was so full of life and happy to introduce us to his Thai Street Food. I confessed that I didn't handle spicy food well and that I hadn't really eaten at Thai restaurants, so I didn't know what to order. Bud assured us that we were in good hands and to leave it up to him.

We started our meal with an delicious Thai Iced Tea. It's light orange in color, served in a tin cup and tasted of green tea and exotic fruit. I found myself going back to sip the straw over and over again. Points!

In the photo above, you can see Hoy Joh (pork, shrimp, crab meat and water chestnuts wrapped in bean curd skin and fried golden brown; served with homemade sweet & sour sauce) and Kor Mu Yaang (char-grilled pork with smoked chili and tamarind sauce). I loved them both! The Hoy Joh were hot and tender and the sauce brought out the seafood flavors - yes! The Kor Mu Yaang had some heat, but the meat was delicious and paired with a side of Jasmine rice I ate more than my share - Yum!

This plateful of color is Spicy Crispy Chicken Basil (Lightly battered in rice flour and deep fried, then stir fried in their special sauce, bell peppers and Thai basil). It was hotter than I am used to, but I enjoyed it very much and came back to it again and again. Fresh and bright and flavorful. Perfectly delicious.
When the waiter asked if we wanted to order dessert, I didn't hesitate before blurting out "the one with bananas!" You can see now why I did. Fried bananas with coconut ice cream hit the spot after a touch of spice and tasted delicious on a warm evening. We will be back! Get ready, Bud!

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