Friday, July 15, 2016

Lake Washington: I Can Canoe, Canoe?

We finally got out on the water in Lake a canoe! The whole trip was inspired by my love of water lilies. Whenever I drove over the 520 bridge near the University of Washington, I could see them!
This is my favorite bridge because on a clear day you can see the Olympic Mountains this clearly. As you drive closer to shore, on the right, you can see the University of Washington football stadium. You can rent canoes close by.
Yes, we were having a good time on a beautiful Saturday morning. Renting a canoe at the University of Washington requires no reservation, costs $12/hr and the only requirement is that you can swim. They provide nice life jackets, paddles and help you in and out of the canoe from the dock. It was great.
What a day! We saw lots of ducks and birds. I was hoping for a turtle, but no luck.
There were water lilies everywhere and it was beautiful. The overall feeling was peaceful. No noise. No talking. Just paddling in a natural area just minutes from downtown Seattle. Isn't that wonderful?
We did see lots of ducks and this one Blue Heron (below) trying to look inconspicuous.
When I told someone I know that we went canoeing on Lake Washington, he seemed almost annoyed. After a minute he said that he had lived here for years and never done anything like that. He felt that his days were routine. I told him all he needed was $12 and some ink on the calendar. As my grandmother used to say, "You've got to make your own fun."

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