Monday, February 11, 2019

Cigar Box Purses: The Intersection of Beautiful and Interesting

I have a creative life and I am grateful for the flexibility. Did you know that I can't seem to stop turning cigar boxes into high end handbags? I line them with fabric and sew the lining, gussets, Velcro closure and add my ceramic logo tag to distinguish it as an ANA cigar box purse. Most of my sales are direct to customer, but my online business is sure to grow on Etsy. A new customer just raved about my work and I had to share. 

"OK. Let me say what an AMAZING creative high quality purse was designed for my wife's valentines day present. Coincidentally we were at a restaurant and this unusual cigar shaped purse grabbed my wife's attention. She talked with the owner who indicated it was uniquely designed in Carribeans and not likely to have any in United States. So I searched up and found Anna Reeve's distinctive design and character. I could not believe the great price; a fraction of what the lady shared with my wife. Anyway, it arrived quickly and just to add a personal touch, Anna wrapped it perfectly in a pink laden package so right out of the box I hit a home run !. thank you Anna"

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