Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Hummingbird Hack: A Maker Makes

Welcome to Snopocalypse 2019. We have gotten 3 feet of snow in the foothills east of Seattle in the past week. 3 feet! 

We recently bought a hummingbird feeder and were able to hang it outside our kitchen window. While most hummingbird varieties fly south for the winter, the Anna's hummingbird stays around all year. 

I had read that a string of electric lights (not LED) could provide enough warmth to keep the hummingbird nectar from freezing. It works! What I didn't realize is that the hummingbirds would sit on the bulbs for warmth, like little heating pads. So sweet! 

The snow was coming down so hard I couldn't stand seeing the hummingbirds getting snowed upon. I thought, I am a maker and I can solve this! I took an empty large clear plastic egg carton from Costco, cut a slit down the center and slid it around so it would rest on the top of the feeder. I used some clear packing tape to close the slit and keep the plastic shield resting around the top of the feeder. As it snowed, the egg carton closed a bit under the weight of the snow, so I propped it open with a wire bottle cleaning brush. Success! 

Our little lady has shelter, warmth and food during this unusual weather in the Pacific Northwest.  

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