Friday, February 8, 2019

DIY: Spring Bulbs in Teacups

I love everything about this photograph and the items in it. I have collected pieces of Spode: The Blue Room for years. When I found blue "Big Smile" Muscari bulbs in a pot at the grocery store ($3 pot had enough to plant 3 teacups), my mind sprung into action and I was giddy. I could replant these bulbs in teacups!

In my kitchen sink, I gently broke apart the potted bulbs, roots and dirt and divided them between 3 teacups. I placed dried moss over the dirt and gave each a little water. Aren't they darling? 

This is the kind of easy DIY that makes sense to me. I love these teacups. I love the color blue.  I love gardening & having flowers in the house. And at this price, I can recommend this easy project to everyone. 

I know that most of the country doesn't have potted bulbs for sale at the grocery store or home improvement stores...yet. This post is to get you working on your Master Plan for spring fun.

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