Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Fleurs De Villes: Apotheca Design at the 2020 Northwest Flower & Garden Festival

"Emerging from the lush valley to ignite the fire in your heart and stir your soul to dance - she is the Festival Goddess. Inspired by British fashion and fiber artist Eleanor Amoroso and my own annual migration - Wanderlust - her boho eclectic look is created using tropicals fused with romantic florals and sustainable succulents."- Apotheca Design

She is nothing short of spectacular, a Festival Goddess on her throne.

I am thrilled that Fleurs De Villes (Flowers of the Cities) is making its debut this year at the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival in Seattle. The visionary company partners with local florists in the event city and works with partners and floral sources (thank you, Washington Floral Service!) to put on a visual show. You can learn more about it from the creators, Karen Marshall & Tina Barkley on Debra Prinzing's Slow Flowers Podcast Episode

I love when artists are given free reign to use unexpected materials to create something beautiful and interesting. The Fleurs De Villes mannequins I've seen on Instagram have been incredible. The wilder the better. And I think that is what inspires the designers in each city to up their game. Strappy sandals where "the straps" are leaf fronds. Earrings made of seed mosaics. When I was on the phone with my best friend describing the concept, apparently I said, "there could be corsets made of primulas!" and she told me I needed to calm down.  

This installation (below) is near the show's main entrance, and was inspired by the phrase Some Like It Hot. It is the work of floral designer Kara Natalia who owns and operates Apotheca Design, a floral and botanical design studio on San Juan Island. 
Kara was very kind and ducked out of the Meet & Greet held inside the main Show Garden area and came to talk to me by her mannequin in the grand entrance hall. As a judge, I am not allowed into the Show Garden area until 1 pm on Tues Feb 25th, the deadline that the Grand Garden designers have to complete their displays. As luck would have it, the press Meet & Greet with the Fleurs De Villes floral designers was held inside the Show where the other 12 mannequins were displayed. Kara was kind to make sure I got one great interview on press day!
Isn't she incredible? Yes, you can interpret that I am talking about both the mannequin and the designer. Kara had the vision to seat a queen on a throne of sustainably sourced grasses from her local park (with permission and assistance) and allow the colors of fire to show both movement and grace. Kara learned macrame on YouTube to craft a corset befitting a natural goddess. She made the perfect leaf-covered pumps with Echeveria flair, because women in heels get things done. 

I love that Kara already had a secret weapon - she makes real women into goddesses every day with her living jewelry, which I was happy to hear will be available for purchase within the Fleurs De Ville booth at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show this week. Lucky us! I'll be the first one there tomorrow. Kara knows how to create a headpiece of succulents and an armband of living tendrils and her craftsmanship shows. Bravo.
I am happy. Yes, flowers make people happy. This is the beauty of everyday life. I urge you to visit the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival and see it all for yourself. Feb 26 - March 1 at the Washington Convention Center in Seattle

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