Friday, February 21, 2020

Northwest Flower & Garden Festival: Succulent Souvenir: Kileen's Garden Boutique

The Northwest Flower & Garden Festival starts Feb 26th at the Washington State Convention Center and in my shopping series, I wanted to spotlight a great booth called Kileen's Garden Boutique.
I had direct experience with them because one of my neighbors made a purchase from their booth and was so happy with it, she asked if I would go back and get her another one the next day. For a price, you receive everything you need to make a complete succulent garden to fill a shape, like a wooden Initial box (represent your last name) or a heart. It is really cute. 

My friend Jenny wanted to give her friend the letter P. I chose 7 small succulents and the shop keeper supplied the moss, potting material (not much more than what is in each pot, if I remember correctly) and everything the recipient needs to plant a little garden. I think this is a great gift.
Be sure to look for this cute booth and consider a succulent souvenir from the 2020 Northwest Flower & Garden Festival 

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