Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Northwest Flower & Garden Show: Shop & Swoon

Ravenna Gardens booth 2019
Have we talked about the shopping you can do at the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival? I know you fall apart when you see great houseplant posts on Instagram, but where can you get a beauty of your own? Independent Garden Centers, of course! Did you know that many of Seattle best garden stores build their dream shop inside the show? I bought a beautiful ceramic pot that hangs from leather cords in the Ravenna Gardens booth above.
Swanson's Nursery booth 2019
Look at these spectacular plants that were in the Swanson's Nursery booth last year. I was green with envy. This is the beauty of everyday life and it is alive!
Swanson's Nursery booth 2019
The independent garden center booths often have unusual containers to pot your plants in. I just love these pieces I found in the Swanson's Nursery booth last year - plant them and you have living art on your wall. That will brighten up any small apartment, I promise.
Every year I stop at the Pelindaba Lavender booth and inhale. They have beautiful products made from their lavender farm. My first purchase was dried lavender fire sticks that I wrote about in my French Flair blog post in 2016. They dip the dried lavender stalks in colored wax and prepare them to be tossed in a camp fire. I keep mine in my linen closet. They look pretty and smell great. I hope to visit their farm on the San Juan Island, WA (near Seattle). Some day I'll go camping the Pacific Northwest...went I do, I'll bring along a lavender stick to enhance the fire. They sell real lavender plants too. And lavender jelly. And dried lavender wreaths. Have a sister-in-law with a birthday coming up? This is the place to shop.

How are you going to manage all of these packages? Never fear, the Northwest Flower & Garden Show has a free package/bag check for the plants and pots you purchase. The show starts Weds Feb 26, 2020 at the Washington State Convention Center. Check out for details.

***Update: I swear I wrote this blog post first and then last night (02/20/20) I got the mail and started reading the beautiful new March issue of Better Homes & Gardens. Guess what I saw!? The exact same hanging wall planter I pointed out to you yesterday! Swanson's Nursery & I showed you first!

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