Wednesday, February 17, 2016

French Flair: 2016 Northwest Flower and Garden Show

I am covering the 2016 Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle to provide insight and increase enjoyment. My blog posts will spotlight specific categories and will leave a trail a breadcrumbs to help my readers find the items or features that will interest them the most. The themes to my blog posts are: Apartment Living, Farm Chic, French Flair, Romantic Touch, Love of Cuisine and Bee Specific.
Ooh la la. The Northwest Flower and Garden show has many beautiful booths and items for sale for those of us who love all things French. 

MD Arts and Linen (booth 407, blue, near Display Gardens)
Be still my heart! You will be hard pressed to find a larger selection of French linens, dishtowels, aprons and tablecloths.  I simply stood and stared the first time I saw this booth. They do not have an online presence, so buy what you love while you have the chance.
Pelindaba Lavender (booth 1015, blue, Marketplace) This lavender farm is located in the San Juan Islands and I'd love to visit the San Juan lavender festival in mid-July. The large banner in the photo (below) shows off their fields in full bloom.
You know that I have been to lavender festivals and have toured lavender farms (once on harvest day!); I've eaten lavender ice cream and woven my own lavender bouteilles.  I have had the full range of lavender experiences, yet something tells me that a lavender farm on an island is even more wonderful. I'm going!
I could not resist these fire starters made of dried lavender stems dipped in soy wax. Aren't they cool? They look like giant purple matchsticks. Do I have a fire to throw them in right now? Nope, they'd just bounce off the glass door of my gas fireplace. But someday I will start a fragrant fire, I am sure of it.

There is a free seminar called "Lavender: One Herb Does It All" on the DIY stage Thursday, Feb 18 at 5 pm.
Love topiaries? Me too! The healthy plant on the right is made of thyme and you can find it at Li'l Spout Nursery (booth 2217, green, Plant Market). I would love to have a topiary at the window over the kitchen sink. 

I hope these suggestions help you to find just what you are looking for.

Northwest Flower and Garden Show at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. Show is open Wednesday, Feb 16 - Saturday, Feb 20 from 9am- 8pm, and Sunday, Feb 21 from 9am - 6pm.
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