Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Seattle: Amazon Books in 3D

It was a happy accident that I was able to shop in the one and only brick & mortar AMAZON bookstore. Yes, you read that right, online giant Amazon is going old school and testing their model for a bookstore near the campus of University of Washington. 

It is a smaller footprint than the big box bookstores of yesterday, but that's okay. It is geared toward today's reader by displaying reviews and ratings from amazon.com.  Who better to curate the list of what is being read and how readers are responding to it. 

Have you made your own Goodreads reader profile? Goodreads is a reader community (owned by Amazon) that allows you to store the titles of books you have read, are reading and want to read on a virtual bookshelf. It has saved me many times when I want to recommend a book to a friend but I can't remember the author or title. You have days like that too, eh? Goodreads is also loaded with reviews, reading recommendations, as well as a friend component, which allows members to connect and see what their friends are reading. It is a wonderful tool.

It appears to me that Amazon is harnessing their online sales information and their Goodreads book reviews to offer customers a selection of books that are currently being enjoyed. The categories and layout felt like I was looking at a "Best of" list by category and I liked it. Picking up a book, reading the back cover, flipping through it and glancing at the reviews. Book buying in 3D. All over again.

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