Thursday, February 11, 2016

Design Your Own: Cork Trivet

I was so happy to find round cork trivets at Ikea. A set of three is $3.99 and they are thick and would make a wonderful gift if you jazzed them up a little with fabic. 
Jazz them up, I did! I love this tea-themed fabric and I've been holding onto it for just the right project. Pot holders?  Yes, they would be darling, but I've been having a hard time with bias tape lately. An apron? Yes, except I have too many aprons already. So when I realized that I could effectively adhere them to cork trivets, I was sold.

I bought a roll of Heat n Bond Ultrahold and followed the package instructions to iron the 2-sided adhesive onto the wrong side of my cute fabric. Then I traced the cork circles onto the back of the fabric with pencil and cut them out. Then a followed the package instructions to permanently adhere the fabric to the cork. I've been collecting vintage Pyrex and I feel like this fabric underscores my mood in the kitchen right now.  This project is so easy and so great. 
Modern, yet cute. A design element, yet still functional.

I plan to lightly spritz the fabric topped trivets with Scotch Guard spray to help the trivets stand up to the inevitable drips and spills. 

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