Monday, February 8, 2016

Time and Attention: Your Most Precious Gift to Give

I have a suggestion for the 12 Days of Valentine's Day. Invite a friend for tea at a cafe or tearoom. Extend the invitation now and pick a date in February that works for both of you. You will be giving your friend a precious gift: your time and attention. 

Talk about the good old days. Listen to her dreams.
Talk about what's bothering you and if it's as it seems. 

This is the beautiful 3-tier tray presented to us at TeaHaus in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It.Was.Gorgeous. They know what makes a girl's heart go pitty-pat.
A pink macaroon. Homemade scones with super tart lemon curd. A hot pot of tea for each guest. I can drink you under the table with a good pot of English Breakfast, just try me.

I have had a lot of tea-related meals in my day and this one was top notch. If you are ever in Ann Arbor, this is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.

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