Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mount Rainier: The Perfect Vintage Postcard

I have a weakness for messages written on postcards. I can't resist picking them up and seeing what the person had to say. When the postcard is pretty, I imagine turning the image into a pillow.

Since I am new to Washington, I was immediately drawn to this beautiful image of Mount Rainier. I haven't had a chance to drive over to this grand national park (but Dan has hiked on it), but I admire it from afar whenever she shows herself.
Did you know that people refer to Mt. Rainier as they would the moon? They describe whether or not it is clear enough for the mountain to be "out." The distance and clouds can keep her (the mountain is also referred to as feminine) from being visible for days. 
What really sold me on this particular card sent in 1937 was the statement:

"I found some new views of Rainier and Alaska, nice to see some new ones for a change. This scene is taken at Paradise Lodge same as most of the Rainier cards are."

It tickles me that back in 1937 they were tired of the same old images that always appeared on the local postcards. Some guy named Brown found this new card and had to send it along to his old friend. Little did he know that we'd be taking about it 79 years later. 

He goes on to say:

"Sure would like to make a trip up there over the 4th as I get 3 days off but I'm short on cash right now. hope to get up there this year tho. The trip isn't bad but the dollar to get in the park makes it just too much if you only go up once during the year."

He would think it was outrageous that I paid $2 for his musings. But I will protect this little piece of Washington history, Brown, don't you worry.

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