Monday, June 11, 2012

Vintage Postcard: Lake Lucerne

Isn't this charming?  I think I have a new place to add to my "places to visit" list: Lake Luzerne, New York.  The scenery looks beautiful.  I bought this vintage postcard at an antique show and knew immediately that I wanted to scan it and print it onto fabric so that it could make it into an accent pillow for my living room.  I know, it's not what springs to mind for most collectors, but it is what makes sense to me.
I'll be honest, I immediately thought this postcard was for "Lake Lucerne" in Switzerland (one of my favorite places).  I thought that the "z" might be the German spelling.  Nope, my mom knew that it was New York, but encouraged me to get it anyway because the colors were so perfect.

I'm on a sewing binge right now and if I stay focused, I can make and post a picture of this pillow right away.  When it is finished, I will add a picture of it to this blog post, so please check back.
Tah-dah!  Doesn't it look cute?! Anne (6/25/12)