Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Lilly Pulitzer-esque Tablecloth

My new tablecloth is the equivalent of caffeine.  You can't walk into my kitchen and not feel energized.  I found this cotton fabric when I was in Honolulu and I knew immediately that I wanted it to be a Lilly-like tablecloth in my aqua and white kitchen.
I am a big fan of buying fabric that I love and serging the edge to make a quick and easy tablecloth.  When I realized that the fabric width didn't allow for enough drape on the sides, I tried making my first "ruffle" with the extra fabric to add some length. It worked and still looks great. 

And a casual collection of like-minded roses from the garden echos the colors in the fabric.  I love this time of year.


Barb Velasco said...

That is the most cheerful tablecloth I have ever seen! Love it. Where ever did you find a fabric like that??

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks! It was a lucky day in Honolulu!