Sunday, February 8, 2009

Crystal Heart Pendant

This time of year, it seems that every television commerical is for a heart-shaped pendant in a velvet box. Romantic gestures are lovely, but you can guarantee that you'll have something pretty around your neck if you make it yourself.

I designed this necklace to be simple, elegant and cost less than $11 to make. All the supplies you need can be found at Michael's Craft store:
1 metal chain in soft-gold by Fresh (you'll need 18 inches)
1 packet of "Golden Shadow" Jolee's Jewels crystal bicones
1 packet of gold-plated 3 inch head pins (you'll need only 1 pin)
1 packet of gold-plated 10 mm jump rings (you'll need only 2 jump rings)
A needle-nose pliers (with wire cutter in head)
Slide 20 crystals onto a head pin. After 20th crystal is on, use a needle-nose pliers to gently bend tip up a tiny bit (this will prevent crystals from sliding off). With your hands, start by gently bending the crystal-covered pin in the middle and then arch each end into a heart shape. Be slow and gentle. Now you have a heart.
Measure 18 inches of the chain. Wear safety goggles. Using the "wire cutter" portion of the needle-nose plier head, snip through the first link after 18 inches and the excess chain will fall away. Now your necklace is 18 inches long.
Using needle-nose pliers, bend open 2 jump rings. Place one ring through heart and then through the last link of the necklace, bend closed. Your crystal heart is now attached to chain.
Drape chain around your neck with the heart in the front. Slide second jump ring through heart and then through the last link of the necklace, bend jump ring closed with fingers. This jump ring works as the "clasp." (Over time, this jump ring may need to be replaced as it will be bent often as you take it on and off. Simply pull out a new jump ring from the packet you bought and replace as needed.)
Voila! A pretty heart necklace with almost no skill required.
The Twelve Days of Valentines Day
Day 6: Dig through your jewelry box and wear some love-inspired jewelry.

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