Monday, February 2, 2009

Drama Queen

We were headed to our reservation at Kyma in Buckhead (for a delicious Greek dinner finished with Olive Oil ice cream!) when I saw her.

The store (next to Kyma) had an all-glass front filled with mannequins dressed to the nines. Behind the party-girls, you could see huge racks filled with peacock-colored gowns. I had to take a photograph. When I approached the glass, I nearly jumped out of my skin.

This drama queen was guarding the front door. For a girl made of plastic, I think she looks amazing.


LillyB said...

I'm sorry did you say "Olive Oil Ice Cream"???
The Window Scene is very interesting! She is showing some "table leg"
Hope you had fun!

Anne Reeves said...

I was wondering if you all would pick up on that. Yes, olive oil ice cream and it was delicious. Cold, rich and silky -with a clear EVOO taste. Try a bite if you ever get the chance!

Angie said...

I heard balsamic vinegar is also great in ice cream.