Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hail the Hibiscus

I love the candy-like colors of tropical flowers. This beauty is a hibiscus, blooming easily in the Florida landscape. The bushes are usually loaded with flowers wafting in the breeze, relaxed, as if creating an 8-inch bloom wasn't a major accomplishment.

I usually see hibiscus blooming in some one's pretty landscaping. If I had a bush of my own, I would pluck a flower off the stem and tuck it behind my ear like a movie star in Hawaii.

I was thinking that I'd like a nail polish this color, wouldn't you?


MmeBenaut said...

Definitely a nail polish colour; in fact, the colour I'm wearing!

We have so many hibiscus plants in Australia, especially in the tropics but I've never seen a PINK one! There are loads of reds, oranges, even yellows and peaches but no PINKS! And an 8 inch bloom? Incredible.
I love the little purple flowers too. They look a bit like african violets or impatients flowers but the leaves have me stumped.

Anne Reeves said...

How interesting that you don't have pink ones! I think the little flowers are impatients - maybe there is another plant too mixed in, which would account for the leaves.

LillyB said...

Beautiful picture! I love these flowers, they are quite common in Panama City area!