Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I absolutely loved Cranford, a British mini-series about a small village in the English countryside in the 1840's. It has fabulous characters (Judi Dench as Matty Jenkyns), great acting - love, humor, honor and a cow in knit pajamas. What more could you want?

When I first saw Cranford last year, I was happily watching the end of Disc 2 (via Netflix) and promotional advertisements about other PBS series started to roll. What? Disc 3, I want Disc 3! I truly didn't want the story to end, in fact I double checked online to make sure I wasn't missing Disc 3 somehow.

Great news! Return to Cranford (with the original cast) will be broadcast on PBS Masterpiece Theater starting January 10th (Part 1) and January 17 (Part 2) at 9pm!

Now, I realize that many of you have not seen Cranford yet (gasp), but you can watch it online (for free!) at Masterpiece Theater only through January 10th. Isn't that wonderful? So no matter where you are, you can watch this charming series online and be ready to watch the sequel with me on the 10th.

No pressure, but suddenly this is what you could do Tues/Weds/Thurs night this week. There are 3 episodes to catch up with - each lasts 2 hours. Make a cup of tea and enjoy!


LillyB said...

I will look for this! It sounds great!!

Lillian said...

I watched all three episodes in one night! I loved it The story line starts out a bit boring and then suddenly it becomes so interesting. Thanks, Anne for your recommendation.

Anne Reeves said...

I am so glad, Lillian! Yes, it is a slow ramp up. My favorite part is when she sleeps with her good silverware - it jangles whenever she rolls over. :-)

I'll be watching "Return To Cranford" with you tonight!

Elaine said...

I have watched Episodes 1 & 2 and plan to watch Episode 3 today before Part 1 of Return to Cranford tonight. This series is delightful! The characters are so rich and the acting is superb! Thank you for recommending such a wonderful program.

Anne Reeves said...

Oh good, Elaine! Hope you liked the "Return" episodes too!