Monday, January 4, 2010

Calendar Girl

It's the first Monday of the year and I am getting organized. Today is the day that I look at my calendar with a "bird's eye view."

I make notes in the margin of each month of the things I would like to attend. For example, I have never been to Chicago's Christkindlmarket (an outdoor holiday market filled with handcrafted German ornaments, food and holiday cheer) that is open from Thanksgiving to Christmas. If I note it on the calendar now, I am much more likely to plan for it in my schedule.

Another big deal is the Blue Angels! Every other year they fly in the air show at the National Cherry Festival over the 4th of July. This the year and I have to make sure that I am there!

After the big events are noted, I fill in birthdays (candle stickers) and anniversaries (wedding cakes) by month. This moment of quiet planning makes my year go more smoothly. I love my Blackberry, but I really am a calendar girl.


LillyB said...

As time goes by my memory seems to have misplaced so many birthdays and special occasions. My mom and I have agreed to sit down and map at family dates on 2 Calenders for each other! You are my hero for being so organized! LOL

MmeBenaut said...

Anne, I went to the Christkindlmarkts in Vienna (they have them everywhere in the city) and bought several ornaments for my Christmas tree. Some of them are so very beautiful. There were school age children everywhere, eating fairy floss (spun sugar) and delicious food; adults drinking Gluhwein, just fabulous.

I'm also lucky enough to have had someone send me photos of the Blue Angels too but there's nothing like the real thing - I'd love to see them! Having learned to fly in my 30's, I appreciate the incredible skill of the pilots in pulling off those manuoevres.

Anne Reeves said...

Christmas time in Vienna sounds just perfect to me. I'd have to fit in a visit to the symphony and sign me up for some Fairy Floss!

I have a new camera so I have HIGH HOPES for my Blue Angles shtos this year -fingers crossed!