Friday, January 22, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer Perfume

When Lilly Pulitzer introduced a line of fragrances last year, I instantly thought bull's eye! I had been searching for a light fragrance that said Vacation and if any brand can master that mood, it's Lilly.

With brightly colored glass bottles (love the printed ribbon "scarf") and names like Wink, Squeeze and Beachy, they have created the perfect addition to any pink & green occasion.

I gave gift sets of Wink & Beachy for Christmas (Santa brought me Squeeze!), and although it is dark and cold now, I know that once Springtime hits everyone is going to love wearing them.

Sometimes the right thing to do is wink.


Torch Lake Prep said...

I'm wearing squeeze today !! So fresh and springy.

MmeBenaut said...

That's a beautiful hibiscus! The perfume sounds lovely. I use body shop - Papaya. MB says that I smell like fruit salad!

LillyB said...

Beautiful flower! I will try the fragrance!