Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vanilla Atomizer

Who wouldn't like having a vanilla atomizer in the kitchen?

In the morning, I like to flavor nonfat plain (or FAGE nonfat plain Greek) yogurt with vanilla and a touch of sugar. For me, this means fewer calories and better flavor. The trick was always pouring in the right amount of vanilla for a single serving.

That is when I dreamed up today's suggestion. Fill a brand new MISTO sprayer (intended for olive oil) with vanilla! After giving it a quick pump, you can waft a fine mist of vanilla over whatever you are making. It works like a dream, smells heavenly and allows you to add just enough vanilla to a recipe.

Making granola? Mist vanilla over the mixture of nuts and oats.
Making a smoothie? Mist vanilla into the blender.

Today's photo is to remind you to pick up some apples at the grocery store. Breakfast is a chopped apple mixed with non-fat "vanilla" yogurt and a touch of honey.

Vanilla contribution to modern cooking.


MmeBenaut said...

Brilliant idea! I love honey with my Greek style yoghurt - trouble is, I think it is more likely to be full-fat rather than non-fat.

Anne Reeves said...

We have full fat, 2% and nonfat here - the packaging is similar, but I always search out the fat free. Otherwise the fat grams in full fat are a shock!