Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crazy or Happy?

Crazy or happy? Sometimes the distinction is blurred.

I have lots of recipe cards in different styles & designs. I love them and think they are so pretty. I find that when a friend wants a copy of one of my recipes, I actually select which card to use based on the recipe or ingredients.

The taupe & brown card (second one down in the middle) I use for recipes with coffee, Kahlua or maple. My holiday print recipe cards are on the top right - perfect for rum balls or sugar cookies. And I always write my salad recipes on the pretty "garden" one in the top center.

Now if you didn't know me and I just blurted out that I match the recipes I give out with the designs on my recipe cards, I sound a little cuckoo. But if you think about it, maybe I am just happy using beautiful papers. Happy that you want one of my recipes. Happy that a
pretty little piece of me will live on in your recipe box.

Crazy or happy? It's really how you look at it.


MmeBenaut said...

Happy. Definitely. No way you could be crazy with a brain as organised as yours.

Anne Reeves said...