Friday, January 1, 2010

The Possibilities Are Endless

Today is all about possibilities. January 1st - the beginning of a new year.

What will my "Moments of Delight" blog posts be like this year? Which flowers will take my breath away? What recipes will I create and share?

Is it silly to say that I can't wait to see my own photos?

I write this blog to share my photography, creative ideas and simple pleasures that put a spotlight on the beauty of every day life.

If you could do me one favor, it would be to suggest my blog to others. The more readers I have, the more people that I can bring delight to.

When I founded Subscribe To Delight (a gift subscription service), my goal was to bring delight to a million women, one package at a time. Think how amazing it would be to bring delight to 1 million women, one blog post at a time!

You can "forward this post", become a Facebook Fan, whatever you can do to spread the word, would be wonderful!

Thanks and Happy New Year!


LillyB said...

Your site does for me what that Japanese Garden does for allows me to relax and enjoy beauty!! I think you are so creative and I enjoy your post so much! Happy New Year friend! I will suggest to others on a blog this week!

MmeBenaut said...

I'm already a Facebook Fan dear. I shall email some of my girlfriends here but I fear that they may not subscribe since we are too far away!

Anne Reeves said...

Thank you! I really appreciate it!