Friday, January 29, 2010

I Want Candy

A few years ago, my husband went on a business trip to Luxembourg. When he and his colleagues were talking about what to bring their wives back from the trip, he mentioned that I had asked for some candy.

The rest of the trip, the guys kept pointing out fancy chocolate shops to him. "Here's one" they'd say, "This one looks good." But he never bought any.

Finally near the end of the trip, they happened into a grocery store - pay dirt! He loaded up on the candy you see here.

"Really?" they asked, "That's what she wants?" He didn't know quite how to explain that it was the color and foreign language on the packaging that I was after, not the actual candy.

I hadn't met his team, so he tried to explain that I love packaging and wanted to photograph the candy wrappers, design a magazine cover around it and turn it into a DELIGHT tote. You get it, right?


Angie said...

Love it! I'm all about the packaging too, especially since I can't have the candy anyways. You would have had fun shopping for candy with us in Epcot last week.

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks! And I LOVE the candy tin (now business card case) that you brought me!!! Thanks, Ang!