Friday, February 26, 2010

Charger Management

Years ago I followed a simple pattern from Martha Stewart Living magazine to make myself a "travel management" system for gadget chargers.

All you need is a cute dishtowel, some ribbon and a sewing machine. There is no measuring, cutting or skills required. I whipped one up and have used it on all of my trips for the past 5 years. When something "from the outside world" is so reliable I have to pass it on.

I use the 3 main pockets for my chargers (BlackBerry, Ipod, Camera) and can know in a glance that I have everything that I need right in my carry on.

Thank you, Martha!


Elaine said...

I could have used this on my recent trip. I love your dishtowel and ribbon color choice.

LillyB said...

Great idea!!