Friday, November 19, 2010

Cookie Walk

My church is having its first ever "Cookie Walk" fundraiser on December 4th and I'm a baker!

A cookie walk is a short term sale of cookies made by church members.  Homemade goodies are displayed on a series of tables.  Shoppers stroll the length of the table and have gloved volunteers add the cookies they choose to a box.  At checkout, the box is weighed and the cookies are paid for by the pound.  Fun, eh?  Who wouldn't want a big selection of homemade cookies at the holidays?

I offered to bake and decorate 10 dozen of my grandmother's famous sugar cookies for this fund raiser.  I started this week by making the dough and rolling, cutting and baking 92 cookies (so far) with the help of my 12-year-old niece.  The cookies are in the freezer and I'll frost them the day before the event (I've enlisted my parents to help with that!).  I think they will sell out quick.

From my cookie cutter collection (only the Christmas cookie cutters are shown above!), I chose to make sweaters, mittens, trees, reindeer, stars, candy canes and a string of light bulbs.  I'll show you a picture when they are all decorated. 

It was fun to talk about this event with my niece and explain that, as we were standing in my kitchen covered in flour, we were "volunteering."  That is delight.

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Elaine said...

What a great fund raiser. It gives you an excuse to use those cookie cutters. :) Have a fun time with your niece.