Friday, November 12, 2010

Colonial Williamsburg fruit

Do you know what I mean, when I say "Colonial Williamsburg" fruit? 

The area is known for decorating with fruit (in outdoor wreaths and swags) at Christmastime.  You can see some examples from Colonial Williamsburg here.

I have always dreamed of visiting that area during the holidays.  Think of the photographs! 

I love the Colonial Williamsburg "look" so much that I have a wooden plaque that hangs over the front door.  It is a semi-circle that comes with nails pounded into it in a pattern.  Every few years when I am inspired, I press apples, lemons and a pineapple onto the nails and hang this giant display over our front door.  It looks gorgeous, although sometimes my guests get a drop of pineapple juice in their hair when they cross the threshold! Oops!

All of this keeps coming to mind because of this display in my kitchen.  I have a multi-tier plastic tray (cream, grey and pink tiers!) that I found years ago at IKEA.  When I unpacked my groceries the other day and noticed that the fruit looked very "Williamsburg Wreath" = can you see it?