Saturday, November 20, 2010

Swedish Christmas Fair

Don't you love these giant "Gingerbread Cookies" made of cardboard?  Seeing these giant decorations (3 feet tall!) is part of what I love about going to our local Swedish Christmas Fair.

A few years ago I met the woman who made them.  She uses big sheets of cardboard (from an appliance box) and paints them gingerbread brown.  If memory serves, I think she uses grout in a tube to make the 3-dimensional "icing."  Aren't they wonderful?  She made at least 12 of these and hangs them high on the wall all around the fair.

I drank some hot glogg with raisins & almonds, listened to live Scandinavian folk music and nibbled on Swedish Dream cookies while I wandered the gift area.  My big purchase was a homemade Cardamon Twist ("Vetebrod") coffeecake in the shape of a wreath.  I know it will be delicious, but my favorite part so far is the ingredient list on the tag:  mjol, smor, mjolk, socker, agg, jast, salt, kardemumma and kanel - isn't that fun?

I am going to freeze it and bring it out to serve with coffee on a snowy morning in December. 

God Jul! (that's Merry Christmas in Swedish)

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