Thursday, November 11, 2010

Travel Lifesaver

This is how I keep my sanity on an important trip.

I am a writer and photographer, but I am also a creative.  I physically make all of my own jewelry, scarves and purses.  When I am out & about, I want to look my best and showcase my designs.  It is really fun, but it takes some planning.

I found out early on that once I have packed a stack of scarves, a box of jewelry and lots of classic pieces, it is hard to remember all of the best combinations, particularly on a ten day trip!

So now when I am packing, I assemble the outfits on a hanging rack in my spare room.  I group the jacket/sweater, shirt and accessories together and take a digital picture of each outfit.  I find that this method also keeps me from wearing "too much black," as I can see the whole collection in one place.

Once I have photographed the outfits, I transfer the pictures to my computer and print them out on my color printer - 4 outfits to a page.  I tuck these sheets in the pocket of my suitcase and off I go.  What a lifesaver!  While I am on my trip, I can see what I have and what I have worn. 

I will never go back to my old hodge-podge method packing - taking all of the pieces I love and hoping for the best.  I hope this system helps you on your next big trip.  You will be "fool proof cute."


Gina said...

Hi Anne, That is a great idea. I fit into your last category. I only take things I love and hope for the best.

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks, Gina. Being able to see my outfits always makes the trip go smoother.