Friday, February 17, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I am happy to be home-sweet-home after travelling most of Janaury and February.  It has been a wonderful (did you see my posts from Hawaii?), but it also feels good to be back.  I have read one too many decorating magazines while I was away and I can't wait to rearrange things in the house.

So today I am "getting out everything I own and putting it on the dining room table."  That's what I told my husband I was going to do when we were on the plane last night.  Picture frames, vases, tea sets, candles - I want to look at all of my accessories and find just the right spot for them. 

Whole businesses have been founded on this concept - "staging", "rearranging", "use what you have."  A team will come into your home, move rugs, exchange lamp shades and breathe life into your home.  All with what you already have on hand.  I would love having that job!  I think it is really fun to move objects around and highlight pieces in a new way.

Anyhoo, that is what I am doing to day.  Rearranging my home-sweet-home.  Join me?

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