Saturday, February 18, 2012

Books As Art

In my life and business, I have always emphasized "looking at what I love," whether it is making watch bands with French ribbon (which makes checking the time so much more enjoyable) or turning my photographs into cover art for a modern tote (see here) - I like to use the materials that inspire me. 

It was this principle that inspired me haul all of my coffee table books into the living room this weekend to make an arrangement of "books as art."  I have sooooo many coffee table books - on gardening, decorating and cooking.  They were relegated to a shelf upstairs a few years ago and it feels wonderful to have the best of the best within reach. 

When decorating your home, I think it is important to have your collections on display.  They will lift your spirit and keep your home interesting.  And the best part about collecting books is that I can pick up one of these gems at any time and be inspired all over again. 
Do you use your books as a design element in your home?

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