Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Starting Over...a Gardener's Tale

I love peonies and a garden mishap is causing me to have to start all over - (sniff).  I had a bed of peonies for ten years that gave me season after season of delight.  But the bed started to show signs of disease the year before last, and then they failed to produce at all last Spring, which was the result of a soaker- hose-gone-wrong that flooded the bed and caused them to rot. 

This is the life a gardener...sometimes things have to change in order to flourish.  The flooding prompted us to move a row of hydrangeas and they loved the change and looked terrific the rest of the Summer.  So this Spring I am starting from scratch and planting a peony bed.  I know it will be some time before they will produce blooms, but I need to get them started the sooner the better. 

My favorites from my last bed were:
"Raspberry Sundae" - which looks like a scoop of vanilla ice cream with raspberry sauce on top and in the bowl.
"Gay Paree" - that my husband bought and planted while I was in Paris with my parents.  It is magenta with fluffy cream petals in the center.

Do you have any peonies that I should consider?  What is your favorite?  Thanks and wish me luck!

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