Thursday, June 21, 2012

It Takes A Village...a rose gardener's life

Ha! All I could think of when I looked back at this photograph was, "It Takes A Village."  I went to a one night class at Telly's Greenhouse on tending roses last month and this was the display of suggested products.

I looked over the selection and thought, "Yep," that about covers it.  Actually there are 4 standouts on this table that I couldn't have a rose garden without. 
  • Organic Rose Tone fertilizer - granular and mixed in the soil to fertilize every 4-6 weeks
  • Neptune's Harvest - a "fragrant" fish and nutrient mix I spray on rose leaves every 3 weeks
  • Mancozeb and Infuse - two chemical products that I use to prevent disease (wear gloves and protective clothing to keep off skin)
 These products along with the tips: "don't let the sprinklers hit the leaves" and "make sure there is plenty of air circulation between plants" can get you well on your way to the garden of your dreams.  Are roses more work than other plants? You bet.  But look who I get to have my coffee with each morning!

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