Thursday, June 19, 2014

Portland: Sweet Pea Central

I am spoiled! We were invited to tour a garden in Seattle (pictures to come in a blog post soon) and I was sent home with this spectacular bouquet of Sweet Peas, fresh cut from the garden just for me.

I have only grown Sweet Peas in my garden once (why? I ask myself, why?) and the starter plant was so small I only had one vine of blooms, certainly not enough to cut. Do you remember when I wrote about it?

I have always loved Sweet Peas and I even had a Laura Ashley comforter that was covered in vines of these cherry red and lavender blue blossoms.  I distinctly remember making my bed in college and a sorority sister helped me by teaching me that "the blooms grow up the bed" as a secret to knowing which direction the pattern should be going on the bed spread. The lessons you never forget. 

I've had this bouquet blooming in our hotel room all week and it still looks beautiful!

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