Friday, June 13, 2014

Seattle: Lavender Farm in Woodinville

Provence? No, Seattle!  This beautiful lavender farm is in Woodinville, Washington - just 10 minutes north of where I stay in Redmond, an eastern suburb of Seattle. (*Note: this farm closed to the public in late 2016. It has changed its business plan to concentrating on hosting private events)

The breeze was light and fragrant when I pulled into the little driveway at Woodinville Lavender Farm.  I arrived just 30 minutes before closing, perhaps the perfect time to get a picture - I had the outdoor space to myself.  I introduced myself to the shop girl, Rachel, and she encouraged me to wander the perimeter of the gardens and enjoy the space.  The lavender is not quite ready to cut, I was there at the perfect time!  There are other large sections of the farm with different lavender varieties that bloom at different times.
The farm is available for private events and I can't imagine a lovelier spot to wander around with a glass of wine. There is a lot to be said for anticipation and being able to look forward to an evening at a lavender farm would be at the top of my list. There is a romance to it, isn't there?
The porch out that leads to the lavender shop offers a variety of healthy plants for sale - if I could keep them alive in my hotel room and then tucked them in my suitcase, I would have bought an armful. Look how beautiful they are! And I saw many types in bloom (in pots) that I have never seen before.
I saw a little boy eating an ice cream on the back patio and I had the wisdom to ask inside about it.  Yes! They sell lavender-kissed ice cream bars and pints. They are made locally by Whidbey Island Ice Cream company and after much deliberation I chose the "Chocolate Chardonnay Lavender" ice cream bar dipped in chocolate.  Yep, I do it all for you.  Sometimes delight requires research (wink).

I am going to take a minute and list the choices of chocolate dipped ice cream bars, just so you can see their commitment to lavender delicacies.

  • Vanilla Lavender
  • Hazelnut Lavender
  • Cardamom Lavender
  • Coconut Lavender
  • Strawberry Champagne Lavender
  • Blackberry Lavender
  • Chocolate Lavender
  • Chocolate Orange Lavender
  • Chocolate Chardonnay Lavender
My ice cream bar was so good, I joked with my husband that it was "made with cream from cows whose feet never touch the earth" poking fun at the ever-growing list of foodie descriptions. 

I intend to return and the Strawberry Champagne Lavender ice cream bar has my name on it! 
I was impressed with the extensive selection of lavender products available for purchase. This sweet-smelling shop has everything from art and lavender essence, to sachets and books - you can peek at their selection here.
I love it here and I am so thankful that I can share it with you.  So many people travel to the Seattle-area and I like to think that they may find me on Google and find some ways to make their trip even more delightful. A stop at a lavender farm (June-August bloom time) will do that for sure!  Are you in town July 11th? Woodinville Lavender is hosting their own lavender festival! 

Remember when I went to a lavender festival in Michigan? Loved it!

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