Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cost Plus World Market: Super Cute Mixing Bowl Measuring Cups

When it comes to shopping for kitchen items, I am weak.  I absolutely love measuring spoons and dishtowels and cherry pitters and thermometers and...

You get the idea.  Well when I was living in a hotel for a few weeks in Seattle, I had a little kitchen where I was able to cook dinner for us.  I even had a convection toaster oven shipped to the hotel (thank you Amazon Prime) so that I would be able to roast and bake in the room, which was equipped with only a microwave and 2 burners.

Before I left for Seattle, I had fun at home planning my culinary adventure (cooking in a hotel room with limited supplies) and I packed up key spices in little ziploc bags and flew my favorite nonstick pan (a cross between a wok and a small stock pot) out in my suitcase.  But I forgot measuring cups. The room comes stocked with a liquid measuring cup, measuring spoons, a spatula and that's about it.  

Oh darn, I "have to go shopping" for some measuring cups.  And boy did Cost Plus World Market exceed my expectations! I have been finding more and more things that I like there. Items that are cute and fun.

Look at the teeny-tiny "mixing bowl" measuring cups I found! They were about $5 and I absolutely love them.  They look so cute sitting on the countertop that I have yet to put them away.  So far I have made my blueberry gateau twice!

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