Thursday, June 12, 2014

Seattle: Salty's on Alki Beach: We went just for the Hal-i-but

The stars and moon aligned and we had time to enjoy a relaxing dinner in Seattle. After flying all day, we had landed in the afternoon and instead of the limiting "find a place to eat that's not to far from work" scenario that we are usually faced with, we had time to enjoy dinner on the water.

I had been encouraged to visit "Salty's on Alki Beach" for seafood and since I knew that my husband had never seen the city of Seattle from this angle (looking back from the East) I thought it would be perfect.

It was more than perfect, really. A great view, delicious dinner...and we got right in! I ordered a Diet Coke to pep me up (I am not good at changing time zones!) and we settled in with our menus and had a chance to talk.
I started with a petit salad (greens with champagne-thyme vinaigrette, 
plucked mint, pecorino cheese, grape tomatoes and focaccia croutons) and though it was very good, it was light on the mint. Someone must have missed sprinkling it on my plate because  I only had one sprig in one of my last bites and I immediately noticed and said, "The mint! That's what I was missing." The bright flavor did a lot to enhance the pecorino cheese and vinaigrette.  On the whole, the salad was light and delicious and I would certainly order it again.

Dan started with a sherry-topped clam chowder that was so delicious he didn't speak until it was finished.  I tried a spoonful and loved it. Next time I'm getting my own cup!
We both ordered the special: honey soy-glazed halibut on rice with a spring pea, corn and onion topping drizzled with chili oil.  Look at the darling pea shoot showing off the perfect row of peas - that's art!  We loved the dish and enjoyed it even more since we were able to snag a table with a view of Puget Sound (below).  We were on the other side of the country and it felt like it!
Thank you, Salty's on Alki Beach for the warm welcome back to Seattle.

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