Thursday, June 5, 2014

Marsh Marigolds: Golden Mounds of Pure Delight

The sun was as high and bright as these clusters of yellow marsh marigolds.  If I could have taken my photos a few hours later, I would have been able to capture a little more depth in the blossoms (above). But...finding delight in everyday life means enjoying what this world has to offer when you can.  

I was driving from Leelanau county over to Gaylord, Michigan that afternoon, so I only had a short time to galavant with my mom taking pictures before I had to pack up and leave.  She had noticed marsh marigolds blooming in a ditch near Cedar, so we could only assume that our favorite spot was in bloom.
Tah-dah! The marsh marigolds were at their peak! Look at the gorgeous mounds of leaves and blooms hovering over the clear cold stream.  We leaned on the highway guard rail (in a very quiet stretch of highway) and took photos from every angle we could think of.  The sun was so bright, we had a hard time seeing the camera screen against the glare. At any point I was hoping for the best framing and I am so happy with the results.
I chose this photo to show you just how many marsh marigolds there were, and to highlight how they meander far into the woods.  I said, "Cue the moose!" to my mom, as if this were a movie set and I could command mother nature to send in some Extras.  

Do me a favor and picture a moose stepping out of the woods into the sunshine.

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