Friday, June 20, 2014

Seattle: Cutest Coffee Hut in Redmond

It's like a backyard playhouse for coffee lovers.  I had seen these cute little buildings in parking lots around town, but it wasn't until a friend insisted that I visit this coffee hut at the corner of Redmond Way and East Lake Sammamish Parkway (in the Shell Gas parking lot) that I became a believer.  In Michigan, large chain coffee houses are the norm.  Independent coffee shops are few and far between. Little coffee huts sprinkled throughout the suburbs are the stuff of dreams.

I parked right outside the Sammamish Point Espresso, and there was no wait to be served, I had a delicious latte and the barista was as nice as can be. She even gave me restaurant suggestions for my stay! After years of standing in line, this is an espresso experience I can handle.

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