Thursday, June 26, 2014

Seattle: Remedy Tea House in Capitol Hill

I had the chance to visit Remedy Tea, a really great spot to have a restorative cup of tea as my favorite English author would say.  Remember how much I love Rosamunde Pilcher's The Shell Seekers? It's about time to reread it...

I love having tea. I love offering someone a cup of tea.  I even have a tea station (this is it at Christmas) in my dining room. So after many recommendations, I couldn't wait to visit Remedy Tea in Capitol Hill.
They offer over 150 organic teas to buy and brew at home or enjoy in their bright and happy tea room.  The entire selection is displayed in test tubes along the entry wall and patrons are welcome to open and smell each tea as part of their selection process. So smart - I think people forget how closely scent and taste relate.

The shop was very active at 1 o'clock on an overcast Wednesday.  Business people with laptops, two mothers taking time to catch up with their babies in tow, a mother-daughter duo.  Everyone deciding that things would be better with a pot of tea in front of them. Nice!

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