Monday, September 15, 2008

Country Living Fair, Part Two

After a quick walk around the Country Living Fair, my first stop was to watch Sherry McKenney (of the Murphin Ridge Inn) give a cooking demonstration in the Country Living Kitchen (an open air pavilion with a full demonstration kitchen on stage). She made a fresh tomato tart that was simple and delicious. Rows of juicy tomato slices (grown by an Amish farmer in southwestern Ohio) on a honey-dijon slathered puff pastry crust - yum! I picked up an "old kitchen tip" for easy seasoning. Keep a salt/pepper/sugar mix in a jar by the stove. Simple, but genius. I mixed up a batch when I got home (in an old-fashioned quilted glass jar) and tried it on...a tomato tart! I followed Sherry's instructions and it was perfect. I am ready for our next overnight guests! A tomato tart, scrambled eggs and a pretty place setting. Thanks, Country Living!

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