Thursday, September 4, 2008


There I was, buying things for a different purpose than they were intended again. I was trying to exit a cafe with an armful of icy aqua & yellow cans when a stranger on the sidewalk called out, "You must really like those!"

Truth be told, I had never tried the drink...I wanted the can for a bouquet of nasturtiums. So I bought several of each flavor and viola! I absolutely love how this looks - orange, yellow, pink nasturtiums (with round leaves), a rose and a sprig of coreopsis.

Added bonus...the drink is delish! This is San Pellegrino's new sparkling orange (or lemon) beverage called Aranciata. Cold, tart and not too sweet. Drinks on the patio, anyone?


Nicole said...

Anne, You take the prettiest pictures!

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks for the comment, Nicole! I am happy that you are enjoying my blog. Have a great weekend!