Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Peter Rabbit

So pretty! The promise of big salads and homegrown vegetables in northern Michigan. Situated next to a farm shop that specializes in beeswax soap and local honey, this garden instantly made me think of Beatrix Potter and the wonderful world of Peter Rabbit. Have you seen the movie Miss Potter? Set in England's lake district, Renae Zellweger stars in this lovely story about the life, love and inspiration for one of the world's most beloved characters, Peter Rabbit.


Pretty Pear Designs said...

Hi Anne -
Great Blog! I wish my vegetable garden looked that good. Lots of deer and geese feasted on ours before we got a chance to. I loved that movie!!! We are big Peter Rabbit fans here.
If you get a chance feel free to visit my blog - I write about life on the other side of that big beautiful lake.

Anne Reeves said...

Thank you! So glad you have seen Miss Potter - I think my readers will enjoy it. Take care and thanks for commenting...