Thursday, October 3, 2013

Friends are the Foundation

Friends are the foundation.  Or should I say, Friends try some Foundation

Last weekend, Kim and I went on our first ever road trip to see or dear high school friend Aberdeen in the Chicago suburbs.  The 3 of us were inseparable 30 years ago and thought it was high time that we put family/jobs/kids on hold for 3 days and take the time to really catch person.

While I will show you some of the restaurants, shops and museums we visited in Riverside, Illinois in my next few posts, today is all about the foundation of friendship, which is talking-sharing-spending time together. And putting on make up.

Miracle Blur to be exact. Not that we really need it (ahem), but I tried this really neat new face primer by L'Oreal that subtly makes your skin look better. 

It somehow blurs skin imperfections and gives a look that is natural but a little...hazy?  When I told Kim about it we laughed, agreed that everyone could use a little blurring and I announced that I would bring it on our weekend so that we could all try it.  The consensus - we all need it! We each did half of an area on our face (one cheek, half our nose etc) to show contrast again the freshly washed skin.  We all agreed that the area with Miracle Blur looked better, but still completely natural.  How did they do that?  We were amazed...and relieved.

While experimenting, I looked down and loved how interesting the table looked.  I took this photo (above) and it has captured the best memory I have from our trip.  The time when we sat outside on Aberdeen's patio, drank herbal tea and put on make up.  It felt like no time had passed and we were 16 all over again.

We didn't need music or museum tours to be happy; we just needed time to relax and reconnect.  The fact that we were made up into our best blurry selves by the end was a bonus. 

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