Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Leelanau County: 9 Bean Rows

Even the natural lighting makes the new 9 Bean Rows cafe in Suttons Bay feel French.  You see it too, right?
We were some of the first to eat at the new cafe.  I have been tracking down the 9 Bean Rows croissants for 2 summers now (remember this?) and when I heard that they were opening a lunch spot in a nearby town, I could hardly wait. 

My first lunch at 9 Bean Rows was a hot croque monsieur and an order of french fries with garlic aioli, that I shared with my friends. We savored our lunch and enjoyed a chance to linger.  This would be the perfect place to duck in some afternoon and have some wine, bread and cheese before a movie.  
I am really happy that another great restaurant has opened on the Leelanau Peninsula. Beautiful fresh bread, tender pastries and fresh-from-the-farm (their farm!) ingredients.  Simple and delicious.


Unknown said...

I was in Suttons Bay this fall and did not know of this place. Looks wonderful. !!!!

Anne Reeves said...

Ooh...you'll have to come back, that's for sure! It opened this July. I'm thinking of writing a book on the delights of northern Michigan. This place would be highlighted for sure!

Anonymous said...

I ate there in October and it will be a favorite stop every time I visit Suttons Bay. The food was divine and the waitresses were delightful.

Anne Reeves said...

That's great, Linda. Be sure to try their croissants!