Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Have a Gourd: Easy Fall Arrangements

You don't necessarily need a grand plan to have a successful fall arrangement on your front porch or in the middle of your kitchen table.  A grouping of like objects (in this case, pumpkins and gourds) is visually interesting and can satisfy your eye all on their own.

I use the photo above as an example, which was photographed by me at the Country Living Fair on Columbus, Ohio.  A jumble of pumpkins, gourds and squash looks perfect just as it is.  Yes, they spaced the light green and deep orange gourds evenly throughout the pile, but it still looks natural.

If the display looked like they were placed by type or color, or if a sprig of maple leaves were tucked in every open space, the arrangement would look if the pumpkins weren't pretty enough just as they are.  I show you this to instill confidence that you can put together your own fall display without a lot of angst.  
On the other hand, you can plan to buy only one color of squash and gourds and make a big impact that way as well.  These gourds and squash in varying shades of gray-green are gorgeous and do all of the design work for you.  Set them together and they speak volumes.  

I thought you might like to refer to this Pumpkin and Squash Identification Chart so that you can drop the name of the unusual pumpkin everyone is admiring.  I happen to have a "Great White" on my front table this year.  Love it!

If you are in Southeastern Michigan, Maple View Farm is open on Saturdays and has a beautiful variety of designer pumpkins.

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